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Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Gay Crap 

I feel so detached form all this gay crap in the media right now. Gay marriage? Adopting children? I have zero sentimentality for marriage, and kids, like pets, are adorable when they are some else's. Well, of course gay marriage and adoption should be legal, it's absurd for them not to be. But it brings me, as a person, no great promises of liberation.

The gay bishop? Well, You can flush the whole Christian faith down the toilet for all I care, but hey, good for him.

Gays in the military? I don't want ANYONE in the military.

Queer Eye for the straight guy? I haven't watched it but I'm pretty sure that I WOULD NOT relate to the tastes and fashion senses of 5 pissy fags obsessed with their moisturizers and their Ralph Lauren undies. But hey, I guess it's cool they're on TV.

It's just seems that the more them gays become part of the mainstream the less I have in common with them. Some of us prefer it here on the outside. I left the suburbs for a reason.

Can you imagine if you overheard your neighbors bickering loudly about what you should wear tomorrow, the color of your couch, your haircut, and your dietary habits. This is how I feel when I read the newspaper. There are a bunch of people with strong opinions about something that's none of their goddamn business. How would any of this affect their lives anyway? Everyone's such a Gladys Kravitz!

Americans are so full of stupid ideas about what's best for everyone. What's best for "the children". They're so goddamn obsessed with "the children".
"Dear Ann Landers,
My sister-in-law has a daughter that is 8 years old and she still allows her to crawl into bed with her and her husband. I have expressed to her on many occasions that this can be very damaging to the child, but she tells me to mind my own business."

Human beings have been around for how many years? How many of those people had the luxury of multiple bedrooms? To this day in many countries entire families share one room. Is everyone in Vietnam an incestuous basket case? Americans live in a cultural bubble. Thank God for New York City!

Monday, August 04, 2003


I just saw the film "Camp." Don't miss it. It's brilliant! You know how silly it always seemed when films like "Fame" and plays like "A Chorus Line" either make it look like every guy in theater is straight OR they portray the single lonely gay guy. As if! This movie is about a theater camp and it is as queeny as the real thing must be! It's hysterical! It's so trendy on TV right now to have a one dimensional snippy queen used as comic relief. This is so much more 3D but without taking itself to seriously of self righteously. Thanks to Google I just found out that the hot guy in the cast, Daniel Letterle, is actually 24 years old. Whew! It's a relief to know that my lust is legal.

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