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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

One Cher at a Time 

I have never ever ever been a celebrity impersonator. Well, I did do Roseanne Roseannadanna in my high school variety show, but that's about it. Well, I was hired by Crobar to assemble a group of seven "Cher's", 1980's era, to perform on the main stage and ring in the New Year. The regular Cher impersonators that I use for Screaming Queens gigs were not all available so we needed to improvise. It came together pretty well.

The highlight of my evening happened in the VIP room overlooking the stage. I was chatting with a gallery owner from Arizona who was sitting with her husband and her (very) gay friend.

Hey, did any of you ever watch the TV show "One Day at a Time"? Do you by chance remember a character named Alex? He was a cute young teenager who was added to the show in the last season or two. They always do that when the original sitcom kids grow up. He was played by Glen Scarpelli. Well, it turns out this woman's friend WAS Glen Scarpelli!! I was so excited! "You're Glen Scarpelli!?" He nodded. "Omigod! I used to masturbate over you when I was I was fourteen!" "Really?" he squealed, "Tell my Boyfriend!" So, I turned to his boyfriend who was sitting quietly sipping his vodka cranberry, and told him. He proudly answered "Yeah, well I get that cock every night!" Okay Mr. Showoff, but I never said that I masturbate over him NOW! We're talking about the early 80's! Well, he's still kinda' cuddly.

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